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Exquisite Wood Tone Ercolano Musical Jewelry Box - "swan Melody" By Lena Liu With 18 Note Tune-Happy Birthday - Swiss

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A truly inspiring touch to an elegant hand crafted keepsake


Thank you very much for your interest in our products! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed at the Attic! Dimensions Length - 7.50 Width - 6.25 Height - 2.5

Lena Liu gives onlookers not one, but two works of art to enjoy

This food for the eyes is all complimented by the wonders of sound with a precision mechanical movement, sure to bright anyone's day

Swan Melody is actually a painting within a painting

A beautiful dance from Swan Lake is displayed on the wall, where an ethereal swan sets the mood for this dreamy ballet

A bouquet of soft white magnolias mirrors the swan's beauty, each petal gracefully curved like the tulle skirts of the ballerina

A still-life of rare beauty and grace, Swan Melody is sure to be cherished for generations

An exquisite violin is placed on a soft, colorful shawl by the loving hands of a musician

As the dancers intertwine with the delicate feathers of the swan's wings, they become one with its shadowy contour

Composed of solid burlwalnut and rosewood, quality radiates from every aspect complimented

Nearby, a quill, still wet with ink, indicates a work in progress

Please see item options for available tunes or visit our listening station for all song titles as well as sample clips

The tiny ballerinas seem to float as they pirouette gracefully among the swan's soft, white feathers

This beautiful handmade Italian music box is constructed with the utmost precision using only the finest materials

This elegant and artistic music jewelry box features notable work from the renowned artist Lena Liu

We are proud to feature items of such style and grace synonymous with the Ercolano brand

With over 380 tunes available, you're sure to find that perfect melody