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Lovehoney Get Hard Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring Set (3 Pack)

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One of the simplest, yet most effective sex toys money can buy, these seam-free silicone cock rings apply pressure to the base of your penis, which may help to strengthen and enlarge your erection and delay ejaculation for longer lasting fun


0 inch

6 inch, medium 1

8 inch, large 2

Always coat your erection and the inner surface of the ring with water-based lube for maximum comfort

Results may vary.

Ring diameter options Small 1

To top it all off, these slim, stretchy bands are supremely easy to use, so regardless of your experience level, getting the most from intimate pleasure couldn't be simpler

Wearing 1 ring, or any combination of the 3 around your shaft and testicles, may help prolong stamina during masturbation, foreplay and sex

With 3 rings in a range of sizes to choose from, customize your experience for optimum results